How to receive WhatsApp notifications on lock screen in iPhone

Want to have a hustle-free access to the WhatsApp chats? Here's how you could get notifications right on the lock screen on iPhone, saving you some time to open the app every time. Step 1: Go to Settings from the home screen. Step 2: Navigate to Notifications > WhatsApp Step 3: Once you turn on the Allow Notifications tab, you will find Continue Reading →

How to customize lock screen notifications for Whatsapp in Android?

You can follow the following step-by-step instructions to receive lock screen notifications for Whatsapp in Android: Step 1: Login from your Android device ( Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, Moto X etc. ) Step 2: Sign into your Whatsapp account Step 3: Tap Menu on the top right corner of the screen Step 4: Select Settings > tap on notifications Step Continue Reading →