How to use WalletBay?

Every business that thrives on the Internet and needs a Wallet. WalletBay is a Wallet as a Service (WaaS) platform, to help your Online business accept payment from your customers easily by auto-integrating over 60+ payment processors around the world. So the users can add money to the digital wallet through PayPal and Stripe and purchase / pay for your service Continue Reading →

Add an extra revenue channel to your UBER like ride-hailing app.

Are you a Car-Rental Entrepreneur? If Yes, this post will give you valuable information on adding some powerful revenue channels to your business. The Problem: Its not easy to scale a car rental / ride hailing business beyond your geography or location. Because you initially provide rides and services only in your location or city. If you would want to Continue Reading →

How to change music using Spotify during a Uber trip?

Tired from work, or heading towards a destination that is far away, you need some relaxation. While booking a cab you really seek for comfort and who doesn't like a light music to play? But what if your cab doesn't have enough songs to play or a playlist that is outdated or different than your taste!! Uber had already launched it's tie ups with Spotify, Continue Reading →