Google play store account setup, sign in & password recovery help

Just bought a new Android mobile phone? Wanna to load it with more games and apps? You got it 🙂 You need to create a Google Play store account first to rejoice! Its so simple, that it requires just a minute or two of your time... Section 1: Google Play Store Account Setup (Using an existing account) Follow the below mentioned steps, on setting Continue Reading →

How to transfer contacts from Samsung Galaxy J7 to a computer

Article with step by step instructions on how to transfer phone contacts from Samsung Galaxy J7 to a computer instantly. Step 1: From the Home screen  >  tap on Apps  Step 2: Then tap the contacts option Step 3: Tap the options button, the left button in the lower panel and then choose Import/Export Step 4: Then select “Export to SD card” Step Continue Reading →

How To Fix Freezing Problem in Samsung Galaxy J7

Samsung Galaxy J7 is one of those dilemma causing pieces of technology which although has generated a decent bit of revenue from sales, this model has had its reputation falling because of the various minor issues that it puts up. One of the most common issue faced by users is the Freezing of the phone. And it's quite a complicated issue to deal with considering Continue Reading →