Tara Thambu

How to Solve the ‘Bluetooth Connections Not Working’ Pairing Error in Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge?

In order to transfer files between two devices via. Bluetooth, you will have to pair the devices.Let us see how to pair a Bluetooth device with your Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Android phone: Protect your Galaxy S7 Now! Step 1: Go to the Start screen of your phone. Step 2: Tap on Apps > Tap on Settings. Step 3: Tap on Bluetooth > Enable it. Step Continue Reading →

How to import SIM contacts to a new Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

You can transfer your contacts between your SIM card and your phone, so you don’t lose your phone numbers and addresses, in case you change your sim or your phone.Importing contacts within your Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is very simple.This feature is available in the contact app. Protect your Galaxy S7 Now! Take the following steps to import SIM contacts Continue Reading →

How to transfer contacts from Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge to a computer

The following steps can help you to transfer contacts from  Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge to a computer. Protect your Galaxy S7 Now! Step 1: Download and install Syncios Galaxy S7 Manager on your windows pc. With this Galaxy S7 contacts synchronizer, you can save your contacts on computer with detailed information ( including name, birthday, company, phone number, Continue Reading →

How to fix the bootloop on Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

Samsung being at the realm of innovation, always keeps its customers on the tip of their toes for its new products. But often one of the most common problems faced by Android users is the annoying Bootloop issue! In case you're one those unlucky customers facing this issue on your latest Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, our simple step by step procedure will help you Continue Reading →

How to turn off Notifications for Apps in Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

To turn off the Notifications for applications on your Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge phone, follow these simple steps that we have listed down for you and enjoy those special moments without being bugged by beeps from your phone. Protect your Galaxy S7 Now! Step 1: Login to your Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Android phone. Step 2: Pull down from the top of your screen Continue Reading →