Ankita Tripathi

How to change drop destination location in Uber during a trip?

Just recently I booked an Uber cab, but after inputting the destination I realized it was not the exact destination that I actually chose. So, I wondered what can be done now? We have often faced situations like these when we are clueless because the GPS acted stupidly and now we are stuck! When a situation like this arises, do this: While the trip is still Continue Reading →

How to book two cabs at the same time in Uber?

Cab services have provided us with great features in the long run. Customers have got accustomed to the services as well. Uber and any other app also perceive themselves to provide better services than the previous days. So, we have often been faced with the question what if I want to book another Uber ride, when I am already in one of the ongoing rides? There Continue Reading →

Lyft vs. Uber

Lyft and Uber have been driving customers from their source to their desired locations since a long time. Though Lyft has launched its services later than Uber but has become one of the great competent of Uber. But still both have their features and their disagreements in the features. Let's have a look how they are similar and how are they different: Pricing:  Continue Reading →

What is Tinder Gold Class? How to avail it?

Gold is the new thing in! We have Gold in cinemas that very typically specifies that the features and services will be extremely high and grand. Gold as per the name exemplifies all great traits of an app! Recently, Tinder did add the Gold feature to its services just yesterday and as we all know Tinder Gold is here to make a mark. It has already grabbed numerous Continue Reading →